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Our Flavours:

Our chocolates do not contain gluten.


Peanuts are used in production.


Most of the chocolate we use contains soy lecithin.


Several of our flavours contain alcohol, these are:

Cherry Kirsch, Ginger Wine, Port, Champagne & Galliano Truffles. Damson Gin & Mead, Almond Tekali, Moscat & Cointreau, Lime & Limoncello, Pina Colada, Whisky & Honey


Although only one of our flavours contains Hazelnuts, we cannot 100% guarantee that other flavours have not come into contact with nuts during production.


Our chocolates contain fresh cream so are not suitable for people with lactose allergies or intolerance.


We do not currently offer a range specifically for diabetics, but we are looking into this and hope to be able to offer this in the future.


If there is a specific allergy concern that we have not covered and you are unsure about, please contact us directly, we are happy to help.



General Advice.


We use natural unrefined cane sugar in our chocolates. We do not use any artificial sweeteners (i.e. Aspartame).


The chocolate we use is made with sustainably grown cocoa beans.


We try to source our ingredients as locally and freshly as possible. We are committed to using the best quality ingredients available to us. If you would like to know anything about our suppliers, please contact us.


We use a mixture of fresh fruit and fresh fruit purees in our ganaches.


Allergy Advice

Chocolate flavour list. Unique & delicious vibrant flavours, perfect gift.

Our current range of  flavours

Latest Flavours


Gin & Lime Truffles, Amaretto Truffles, Cherry Vodka Truffles, Chambord & Prosecco,

Moscat & Cointreau, Strawberry Balsamic, Armagnac, Tanzanie 75%, Colombian 85%, Toffee Vodka, Lavender